Mess With Your Milk! 8 Easy DIY Milk Experiments for Kids

Let’s be real – kids love a good mess. However, they rarely get the thumbs-up from their parents to make one. Until now.

In the name of curiosity and science, the time has come to say yes to a little mess – and get your kids thinking about milk in a whole new way. It’s time to Mess With Your Milk!

These simple experiments can all be done using everyday supplies you likely already have at home – including milk. They’re a perfect activity for cooped-up kids on a wintry weekend. Or take the party outside in the summer and let them really go wild!

Get Family Time Down to a Science

What else will your kids come up with when you tell them to Mess With Your Milk? Try all the experiments and share these videos with friends – or even your favorite teacher! We are talking about science, after all.

1. Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

This is the most delicious experiment you’ll ever try. Directions


2. Milk Color Swirl

Want to see milk dance? Add some food dye, dab with dish soap and your milk will show you some psychedelic moves. Directions


3. Turn Milk into “Plastic”

Keychains and ornaments and charms, oh my! The possibilities are endless. Directions


4. Milk Fizz

Ever wondered what happens when you add baking soda and vinegar to milk? Well, it creates a fizzy, foamy, overflowing reaction of awesomeness. Directions


5. Custom Milk

Milk is great on its own, but there are so many ways to mix things up with some custom color and flavor! Directions


6. Milk "Plastic" Moonprint

You probably have everything you need in your kitchen to make this out of this world experiment! Directions



7. Lunar Toons

Are you interested in making your milk sing? Then you’ll be over the moon when you try this sonic experiment. Directions


8. Moon Milk DIY

Moon milk is perfect for cozying up at night (with or without the moon) and enjoying something tasty and warm before heading off to dreamland. Directions