Kids Milk It with Awesome Skateboard Tricks, Soccer Juggling and More

As a mom, you know each and every kid has something awesome inside of them – and every day, kids show us how they’re choosing to milk it in inspiring ways.

From the alley oop and catching some air with skateboard tricks to soccer juggling and learning a new freestyle trick, there’s no limit to what girls and boys can do... especially when they’ve got the nutrition they need to be their best.  

If you’re wondering whether your skateboard or soccer star is getting the right nutrition, check out milk – which 41 percent of kids say they would drink more of if they could.1 Milk has essential nutrients (like potassium, vitamin D, calcium and high-quality protein) that can help your kids grow strong.2, 3, 4, 5

No matter how your kids are choosing to milk it, let’s celebrate their choices – and their newfound independence as they show you what they want, what they like and everything they’re capable of! 

Girls Soar at Skateboarding

Sweet Soccer Tricks

There’s always more awesome to be had, so head over to the Milk It! YouTube channel and subscribe for more videos to watch with your kids.

1 Exactcast research for MilkPEP with study of 2,400 moms and 1,500 kids.

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