10 Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the fridge is still stocked with Turkey Day leftovers. Boost your weekend breakfast game beyond reheating and eating, and try one of these fresh takes on leftovers for breakfast:

1. Slice of pie and a glass of milk to wash it down. Need we say more?

2. Cook up an open-face omelet filled with turkey, stuffing and potatoes to feed a crowd

3. Mix leftover cranberry sauce into pancake batter for festive flapjacks.

4. Blend leftover canned pumpkin with milk and spices for a morning-after smoothie.

5. Chop up chunks of sweet potato and leftover veggies & toss around in the frying pan for an easy breakfast hash.

6. Spread cranberry sauce over a muffin or biscuit in place of jam.

7. Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict: Grab a leftover roll or biscuit and pile on turkey, a poached egg and gravy.

8. Flavor oatmeal by mixing in milk and leftover applesauce.

9. Shred some turkey and pair with chopped potato, veggies, and cheese and salsa. Roll it in a tortilla for a breakfast burrito.

10. Slice up leftover dinner rolls and sub into a French toast recipe.