3 Spooky Ideas for a Halloween Breakfast

Make the month of Halloween festive and fun by breakfasting on creations inspired by October 31st. Here are three easy options to excite and even spook the little ones:

Spooky Pancakes: Make large, skillet-sized pancakes, and then use cookie cutters (let the kids help with this part!) to make pancake characters of the season. The list is endless, but some ideas include: witch hat, broom, ghost, bat, pumpkin, candy corn. Leftover pancake scraps can be used to accessorize your characters, too.

Jack-O-Waffles: Whether from the freezer or homemade, circle-shaped waffles make for a perfect "carving" canvas. Pretend the waffle is a pumpkin and get creative with your carvings (kids can do this, using a butter knife or with your help). Add pumpkin butter or flavored syrup to make your breakfast extra seasonal, too.

Ghostly Milk Mugs: Have a budding artist in the family? Embrace it by allowing her (and the brood) to decorate their own milk mugs. Keep Halloween as the central theme and watch their imaginations run wild with it.