4 Fun Ways to Make Your Mini-Me a Morning Person

Do your kids jump out of bed each morning, ready to face the day fearlessly – or, do you basically have to tear the covers off them just to get them to move? Chances are, life in the AM would be much simpler (and run a whole lot smoother) if every person in the house (kids and parents alike) was the up-and-at-‘em type. Unfortunately, most kids don’t wake up as bright-eyed and cheery as we we’d like. Here, a few tips to help energize and ignite your child’s inner morning person.

  1. Let the Sun Shine. Open the blinds and ease them into waking up with natural light before turning on the lights or even uttering a word. Light can certainly impact our sleep patterns, and waking up to natural light can make waking up, well, a little brighter.
  2. Use Your “Inside” Voice. Almost no one – whether they’re five or 15 – likes to hear loud voices when they wake up. So, before you bust into your child’s room to wake them, or greet them once they’ve woken themselves, lower your voice and try, as best you can, to speak quietly and considerately. Some kids need more “me” time when they wake up; and, silence can be a lovely thing when it’s early in the morning!
  3. Mind Your Manners. Even though you’re the “boss,” respect your little ones enough to ask how they want to start the day. Maybe your daughter needs a few minutes to just lay around before getting ready; perhaps your son likes to read a book before getting up (in reverse fashion to before bed). If you set parameters and then follow-through, your kids will be much happier and easy-going in the AM.
  4. Turn On the Music. Play a morning music mash-up to get everyone moving. And, mix it up: try a different genre of music for each day of the week. Or, let the kids choose what they want to hear. They’ll be psyched to get up in the morning to hear their chosen tunes.
  5. Cook Up Some Kitchen Aromas. It’s true: scent helps to awaken the other senses. Try baking muffins or making a batch of pancakes a bit before wake-up time, so your house smells delicious when the kids rise. Or, if you have less time, even the smell of toast or your kids’ other breakfast favorites can get them excited to come to the kitchen to start the day.