4 Reasons to Embrace Your Latte

Soothing, warm milk and the vibrant taste of fresh-brewed espresso – what’s not to love about a latte?  Taste aside, there are so many reasons why I have “a latte love” for my morning coffee drink – and you should, too.

  • It Makes Your Morning Easier: I make mine at home each morning, substituting strong brewed coffee for espresso, and mixing in one serving of fat free milk. Add-ins abound: you can top your drink with ground cinnamon, nutmeg or even add flavored extracts. Be your own barista and make up your own flavor combo, or try one of our latte recipes.
  • It’s Your Friend with Nutrient Benefits: Almost too good to be true, a morning latte delivers one full cup of milk’s nine essential nutrients, including 300 mg of calcium – that’s 25% daily value – to help build strong bones and 8 grams of high-quality protein to help keep you fuller for longer.
  • It’s A Cheap Date: At a time when specialty coffeehouse prices can be high, being your own barista could help save you money. In fact, for only a quarter a serving, coffee’s latte counterpart – milk—adds nutrients without breaking the bank.
  • It Adds Aroma to Your AM: We all love the warm, comforting smell of coffee in the morning, especially when the weather gets colder. And the good news is that we can get the smell of that delicious pick-me-up without ever leaving the house, compliments of an at-home breakfast latte, made just the way we like it.

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