6 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Breakfast

Breakfast - the perfect occasion to take a little extra time and savor a delicious dish before embarking a busy day. Start the day on a high note with these simple tips to step-up your morning meal.

1. No more blah-ttes! Take yours the extra mile by mixing espresso (or strong coffee) and freshly frothed and steamed milk with flavored syrup – right in your own kitchen.

2. Upgrade your morning smoothie by blending in spices like ground ginger or nutmeg with your favorite fruits and milk.

3. Grab your fave latte syrup and drizzle it into pancake batter. A salted caramel short stack? Yes, please!

4. Brewing a cup of joe? Add a small scoop of ground cinnamon into the grounds for a delicious scent and a little kick in your café au lait!

5. Pick up some fall-ish fruits like pears or apples and simmer over the stove with water and sugar to make syrup that will make any breakfast dish feel special.

6. Steam together milk with a dash of vanilla extract or latte syrup for a warm, comforting mug that anyone young and old can start their day with.