Back-to-School Breakfast For Your Little Champion

As summer winds down and fall finds its way into your world, one thing holds true in households everywhere – east to west and in between: the buzz and rush of back to school. Energy and excitement runs high as kids prep (and pack their new backpacks) for a year of new classes and activities and friendships; perfect time to empower them to reach their potential, starting with a solid breakfast, that includes milk’s high-quality protein and essential nutrients, to help them focus and feel ready to face their days.

Here, three easy ways to milk your mornings:

1. Sip for Success: Smoothies are a staple, all seasons alike, and a great way to blend everyone’s favorite fruits and flavors with milk (for nine essential nutrients, including more high-quality protein than an egg!).

2. From the Heart: Try our Hearty Oatmeal in a Snap to send the kiddies off with a loving touch. If you’re crunched for time in the morning, make our Overnight Oats the night before!

3. On a Roll: Sometimes, the perfect breakfast solution comes in the form of a sandwich or wrap (easy for quick nibbles and chatter). Our Garden Veggie Breakfast Burrito or For-Your-Honey Breakfast Panini adds yum to the morning – without much fuss!