Different Types of Coffee Drinks Explained

Coffee Drinks with Milk: The Hot Beverages Many Americans Enjoy

Americans have the taste for coffee. From a black coffee to the many different ways to craft a coffee drink, people have caffeine on the mind. More than 100 million people grab a cup of joe every day, and a third of those coffee fiends find their caffeine fix in a specialty coffee drink.

How Dairy Milk Complements a Coffee Fix

A steaming cup of coffee deserves a tasty add-on, and dairy milk creates the perfect pair with coffee. Dairy milk is more than a creamy complement to your coffee drink  — rather it is a great choice to add nutrition to your mug or to-go cup. Each type of milk, from lowfat milk to fat free milk to organic milk, contains nine essential nutrients, including high-quality protein. In fact, milk is the top food source for three of the four nutrients of concern — the nutrients that Americans are most lacking: calcium, potassium and vitamin D. By adding dairy milk to your coffee or specialty coffee drink, you add a nutrient powerhouse to your cup.

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Black Coffee vs. Coffee with Milk

Many people reach for their coffee first thing in the morning. Pouring (or ordering) a black coffee vs. a coffee with milk is a personal preference — but many who drink their morning java like their coffee with milk.

Gourmet coffees — from single-serve machines to espresso combinations with dairy milk — are filling many Americans’ cups. Here are ways to craft these gourmet coffee drinks at home. 

How to Make a Traditional Café au Lait

Café au lait is the French term for a strong brewed coffee drink with steamed milk. For a proper café au lait, the strength of the coffee is key — use a dark roasted coffee blend, ideally brewed in a French press. Pour the same amount of steamed milk into the coffee, et voila, your café au lait is served.

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What Is a Coffee with Steamed Milk?

While the French order a café au lait, the more traditional way to order the same coffee drink in American coffee shops is to ask for a coffee with steamed milk. The coffee to dairy milk ratio remains the same — an equal amount of coffee to the same amount of steamed milk.

There are easy ways to craft this kind of coffee drink at home — without an espresso machine to steam the milk. Use a milk frother or try this DIY tip: Shake your favorite type of milk in a jam jar until it’s frothy. Remove the lid and microwave until it’s hot. With this easy method, there is warm milk for the coffee drink and foam to top it off.

Why Americans Love Their Lattes


2 Ways To Make The Perfect Latte Coffee Drink At Home

A latte is the shortened version of the Italian name caffelatte, which translates to “milk coffee.” The origin of the term dates back to 1867, when English writer W.D. Howells detailed his travels in an essay titled “Italian Journeys.” The coffee drink earned its moniker because it’s mostly milk — two parts milk to one part espresso.

While those in Spanish-speaking countries order café con leche or latte, it was the Americans who made the latte their drink of choice. While most order brewed coffee, either black or with dairy milk, many people love their lattes. And when you order a latte, you get the benefits of nine essential nutrients milk provides, including 8 grams of high-quality protein, for every 8 ounces of dairy milk you add to your latte. 

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What Is a Cappuccino?

The cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink, and the name is derived from the word for hood in Italian. Legend has it that the first cappuccino was crafted by  Friar Marco d'Aviano, a Capuchin monk — who added milk to the bitter coffee Ottoman Turks left behind after a 1683 defeat in Vienna. The name is a nod to the color of the dark hoods the order of monks wore. This fashionable coffee drink is now enjoyed by many Americanos at home.

The cappuccino is made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. When making it at home, 60ml of each fills a standard coffee cup. 

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The Benefits of Drinking Milk with Coffee

No matter your coffee concoction, one of the benefits of drinking milk with coffee is that it is a delicious, creamy complement to one of the most popular beverages. From espresso to strong brewed coffee — adding dairy milk only adds to the enjoyment.