Fuel Your Family Adventure

Make the most of your morning by celebrating the season of fun (and some sun)!  Here are three ways your family can add a small dose of adventure to the AM:

Sunrise Scavenger Hunt

Easter may be long gone, but the hunt is still on.  Give the kiddos a fun scavenger hunt around the breakfast table.  Hide clues in the bottom of milk glasses, in the cereal box, and under the lid of the milk jug.   Link the clues to important breakfast foods and milk’s nine essential nutrients, including bone-building vitamins, teaching the importance of starting the day right!

Tour de Family

After fueling-up at breakfast, cover those bed heads with bike helmets and hit the trail.  A family bike ride is a great way to enjoy the songbirds, spring flowers, and sunshine on May mornings.  Finish with an old-fashioned race.

Ready, Set, Hike!

A family outing on foot is a great way to bond – and break-out from the norm. Plot a prime destination to explore, and bring a camera to capture some outdoor shots. Mountains not required – but a breakfast with 8 ounces of milk (for 8 grams of protein) beforehand is!