Get Schooled: Breakfast 101

Give the kids the goods they need to get moving (out the door) in the morning.

Before the school bell rings, the locker doors slam (in excitement, of course), the pencils are put to paper in classrooms spanning east to west and in between, something else universally happens at tables across America: breakfast. And while hustle and bustle is a basic truth to the morning routine everywhere, every family can – and should – allot more than just a minute to eat the first meal of the day. After all, a good breakfast sets the tone for the day; it inspires the mood; it invites conversation, and of course, helps to fuel the hours ahead. Here are three easy ways to build a better breakfast routine, allowing you (and yours) to truly milk the morning:

1.  Table the Rush: Having a routine that encourages every person to sit down at the breakfast table deserves an A+. And, it’s also the perfect excuse to make each person stop, sit, and savor the moments (and food) before setting out on the day.

 2. Give Options: Kids like to feel empowered. One easy way to please them is with two choices for breakfast each day. We’re not talking about fancy, four-course meals. Our thinking is simpler but powerful: offer whole grain cereal with milk and a piece of fruit; or, toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk. They’ll likely eat more if they’ve hand-picked the items.

3.  Win the Day with High-Quality Protein: The perfect way to round out their morning meal? A breakfast powerhouse, like a glass of milk! Packed with 9 essential nutrients in each glass, milk is a natural source of high-quality protein to build muscle, calcium and vitamin D to strengthen bones and B vitamins for energy.