High Five for Breakfast

Tackle a typical Monday-through-Friday school week menu with these five, fast breakfast ideas. Make your morning run smoothly and successfully – while filling the kids with good-for-you nutrients so you can feel happy about it, too. No fumbles, just fun food fast.

1. Chicken Sausage Scramble: Savory onions, bell peppers and chicken sausage mingle with sweet potatoes for a hearty yet simple scramble. Prep your ingredients the night before, and this dish will come together in a snap. Best served with a nice cold glass of milk.

2. Super Food Smoothie: Two super foods – blueberries and milk – make this our go-to smoothie to jumpstart the day.

3. Classic Milk and Cereal: Opt for a whole-grain cereal, add milk and top with sliced bananas or berries. To make it fun, let the kids customize it by mixing a few varieties of cereal.

4. PB&J Shapes: Use a cookie cutter shape of your child’s choice (examples include football, star, heart) and create mini sandwiches using whole grain bread, nut butter and jam or honey.

5. Honeyed Grits with Marinated Peaches: Satisfy your sweet tooth while getting a dose of protein from milk.