Host a Breakfast BBQ Picnic

Summer is the perfect time to revamp your morning routine. Don’t skip breakfast as a family – but rather, bring the gathering outside instead! Grab the fam and some fresh food for some quality time and high-quality protein to help jump-start your day. Remember: your grill isn’t just for dinner, and picnics aren’t just for the park. We’ve got the recipes, tips, and tricks for a fabulous breakfast BBQ picnic at home.

Wake Up and Cool Down: Iced Latte

Mom and Dad get a dose of energy in the morning from coffee and lowfat milk. No need for steaming mugs in the summer; ice your latte for a cold and refreshing boost. Tip: Freeze coffee into ice cubes for a latte that’s always delicious – and never watered down!

Breakfast Boost: Super Food Smoothie

The kids can cool down and power-up with our Super Food Smoothie! Milk marries frozen blueberries, banana, and honey in this delicious breakfast smoothie!

Breakfast on the Grill: For-Your-Honey Breakfast Paninis

Leave the panini press inside; grill up this delicious peanut butter, honey, and banana breakfast sandwiches in no time. Just remember to brush the bread with melted butter so it becomes super toasty! Tip: if you’re worried about burning the bread, just lay down a sheet of tinfoil for protection. Then, as a “side” serve grilled fruit skewers. Choose thicker fruit (pineapple, apple, melon), which grills well; simply cut into two-bite pieces, then skewer and, of course, grill! Tip: soak the wooden sticks in water first.