A Merry Good Breakfast

Whether you’re an eat-in-our-jammies kind of family or the type that gets all dolled-up to enjoy a holiday breakfast, one thing ties you together – clothing aside – and that’s the food that spans the table. This year, start your season of merry by spreading joy through breakfast foods. Bonus: these options include milk’s high-quality protein and offer a great nutrition bang at breakfast to help fuel your brood (for gift unwrapping, sledding and more).

Slow Cooker Oats 

  • The best part of this dish? You save time by making it the night before. Mix and set the slow cooker the night before. The delicious aroma of comforting brown sugar and oatmeal will get you going in the AM, too!

Tomato Pesto Egg Casserole 

  • This egg dish is easy to make and serve. Perfect all the other elements of your meal while this casserole melds in the fridge before baking. Your family will thank you for this savory dish.

Eggnog Casserole 

  • Give that traditional French toast casserole a holiday twist: the yum of eggnog gives it a festive feel.

Holiday Spice Cappuccino 

  • Combine coffee with frothed milk and spices to enjoy this delicious beverage. For extra flair, add a cinnamon stick.

Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes

  • These hearty pancakes are a perfect complement to any holiday breakfast. The deep cinnamon scent will lure everyone out of bed and get them running down the stairs to the breakfast table.