Milk Your Independence Day Morning

Fireworks, friends and, of course, your favorite patriotic trio of colors = classic symbols of celebrating America’s birthday...usually at night. This Fourth of July, milk the festivities in the morning to get the gang fired up – with enough steam to make it to the evening’s fireworks!

1. Milk the Magic: Milk is the perfect blank (white) canvas to express your creative, and patriotic, side. Simply add food coloring to your glass and stir well for a colorfully-nutritious display of USA pride. Plus Up: decorate your glass with stickers or toss in fun, festive straws.

2. Eat Your Way to Independence: Whether you’re feeding just the family or making the morning a free-for-all neighborhood folk, there are plenty of recipes that can fill (and fuel) the brood. A few favorites: our Monster Morning PizzaTomato-Pesto Egg Casserole, or roll-up a batch of Breakfast Burritos. Then, chill out with a refreshing smoothie for extra yum – and goodness!

3. Show Your Colors: Get decked in red, white and blue – and decorate the breakfast table to match, too. Placemats, mugs and flowers add a beautiful touch.