7 Make-Ahead Breakfasts for Rushed School Mornings

Solve Your Morning Rush with Breakfast Meal Preps for Kids

Some days, just waking up the kids and brewing coffee is a major accomplishment. But recent research continues to support the importance of a balanced breakfast – especially one that includes real dairy milk. A study in the journal Nutrients found eating breakfast was linked to a more nutritious diet, and including more of certain foods – like milk, yogurt, fruit and whole grains – was linked to the highest-quality diets of all.

Researchers also found breakfast to be a nutrient-rich meal, supplying just about 20% of daily calories while providing more than 20% of key nutrients, like calcium, potassium and vitamin D. These are among the nutrients that Americans, including kids, are most often lacking. In fact, one out of two kids ages nine and up are falling short on these critical nutrients, and milk is the top food source of all three.

To help avoid skipping breakfast, make it easier on yourself and tackle rushed weekday mornings like a boss with a solid plan for breakfast meal prep. If you think about healthy breakfast ideas in advance, especially over the weekend, you can slow down and focus on the “we” hours together in the morning, helping everyone get out the door on time, instead of wondering what works best for a nutritious breakfast on the go.

You can even enlist your kids’ to help you with different premade breakfast options. From menu planning and grocery shopping to cooking and packing, they’ll love it when they can choose their own recipes for tasty, yet healthy, breakfasts on the go.

Whether you decide to make breakfast ahead of time or grab something quick like fruit or peanut butter toast, adding a glass of milk instantly boosts the nutritional value of your meal.  That’s because milk is a wholesome, simple beverage that includes B vitamins for energy, high-quality protein for lean muscle, vitamin A for a healthy immune system and four bone-building nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D, in every 8-ounce glass.

7 Breakfast Ideas You and Your Kids Can Take on the Go

Having a glass of real milk at breakfast can add so much more to your meal. Here are seven delicious ways to pair (and pour) more milk in the morning.

1. Overnight Oats

How do you prepare this delicious breakfast? It’s right there in the name. Mix up some oats the night before and you’ll have a delicious breakfast ready right out of the fridge.

2. Grab and Go Mini Breakfast Casseroles

Break out the muffin tins to create bite-sized tasty spinach, egg and cheese casseroles that are super convenient for everyone’s morning commute.

3. Peanut Butter and Banana Breakfast Sushi

Try sushi — sans fish — for a creative breakfast idea. Roll a banana in peanut butter and a crunchy cereal and your kids have a delicious on-the-go meal.

4. PB&J Protein Power Muffins

For a fun twist on a classic combination of flavors, whip up a batch of PB&J protein-packed power muffins and keep them on hand to grab and go on hurried mornings.        


5. Broccoli and Cheese Frittatas

Combine broccoli and cheese and bake in a muffin tin and you have family-friendly frittatas ready to eat at home or take on the road.

6. Breakfast Pudding

For a nutritious parfait ready in a flash, make your own pudding (it’s easier than it sounds!) and store it in the fridge for easy morning assembly. Just layer it with berries and cereal, and you’re ready to go.

7. Protein-Packed Berry Burst Smoothie

Combine these ingredients in the carafe of a blender and refrigerate it overnight. In the morning, blend everything up and throw some walnuts on top for a breakfast that’s portable and protein-rich.