New Year, New Mornings!

Mornings set the tone for the rest of your day, which is why it’s extra important to start each day energized, rejuvenated and with fuel – thanks to milk – of course. Say goodbye to chaotic mornings and welcome a new dawn with 31 ways to transform your AMs. 

1.      Make the most out of your Power Hours (6 – 8 AM)

a.     Start your day perfectly with an eight ounce glass of milk for 8 grams of high-quality protein. 

2.      Take a quick, warm shower to help improve your blood circulation, loosen joints and give you a quick energy boost.

3.      Wake up ten minutes before you usually set your alarm and get moving.

4.      Early morning yoga or stretching will make you feel awake and increase your energy and flexibility for the day.

5.      Smile. Smiling will increase positive attention, help you look younger, increase productivity and instantly boost your mood.

6.      Mix your foundation with a light, oil-free moisturizer for better coverage and hydrated, smooth-looking and feeling skin.

7.      Follow the MyPlate basics and watch your calories to help maintain a healthy weight. Check out these nutritious breakfast recipes to kick start your morning.

a.     Hearty Oatmeal

b.     Chicken Sausage Scramble

c.     Skillet Eggs and Polenta

8.      Complement your breakfast with a glass of milk. Having protein with breakfast can help you be more likely to ward of midmorning cravings and stay on track!

9.      Not a breakfast person? Become one! Studies show people who eat breakfast have a more nutritious diet. 

10.  Do a posture check before heading out the door. Look more confident and prepared by simply rolling your shoulders back and slightly lifting your chin.

11.  Mornings may be the only chance your family has together until the evening. Milk the most out of your mornings and have some fun! Add these mustaches to the breakfast table for a laugh to start the day.  

12.  Play a quick game to get your family’s brain going. Try our breakfast board game

13.  Overwhelmed by the day you’re facing? Make a to-do list.

14.  Follow your morning routine loyally. If you know what you’re doing each morning and know when you’ll do it, you’ll have a better start to the day.

15.  Listen to music to boost your mood and spirit.

16.  Take five minutes to learn what is going on around you. Whether you rely on a morning broadcast or scroll through your Twitter feed for the day’s headlines, feeling informed will educate you and get your brain thinking.

17.  Change your coffee habit. Instead of going straight for the black coffee, mix up your AM routine by trying a latte made with lowfat milk for added nutrients, including high-quality protein.

18.  Meditate. You can even do this while still in bed or while in the shower. Take a minute, or five, depending on time, and reflect on your day, read something inspirational or just enjoy the stillness of that moment.

19.  Kiss your peeps.

20.  Talk, rather than surf. Most of us spend the majority of the day on the computer; try to ignore the urge in the AM.

21.  Seek out protein at breakfast. 

22.  Make your bed. A clean space will help get your blood pumping, make you feel at ease and is nice to come home to after a long day.

23.  Say something positive to yourself. It’s something simple, but can make a huge impact on you day.

24.  Get up right away. Pressing the snooze button may feel good at the time, but it doesn’t extend your sleep.

25.  Set aside a backup outfit—accessories and all— for mornings you’re in an extra rush.

26.  Write in a journal. Writing can help clear and organize thoughts.

27.  Open the blinds and let there be light.

28.  Pare down your morning to-dos to just the essentials—leave the rest for later in the day.

29.  Take a moment to remember what you’re grateful for.

30.  Exercise in the morning, you’ll feel energized and have a jumpstart on your day.

31.  Review your goals in the morning; leave them on a sticky-note on your bathroom mirror.