Smooth MOO-Ve into Spring

Refreshing. Satisfying. Delightful. Our favorite, perfect-for-spring smoothies are chock-full of ingredients that taste fabulous and, thanks to milk’s high-quality protein, help you power-up to face your AM! Parents and kids alike: sip on one of these.

  • Peaches ‘N Cream: Mango and peach marry milk and honey in this bright morning blend.
  • Go Green: Amped with super foods like milk and spinach , and sweet green fruits, including honeydew, grapes and kiwi, it’s the perfect jumpstart-your-day smoothie.
  • Berry Berry: Make it a berry good spring morning with this winning combination of mixed berries, vanilla extract and milk; try strawberry milk for a twist!
  • Chocolate Banana: Finally, a great reason to indulge (a bit) in the AM hours. This satisfying smoothie blends two classic morning staples together: chocolate milk and banana.