What Is an Acai Bowl?

What Is Acai?

The acai berry looks like a grape and has a delicious tropical, naturally sweet taste. It’s a versatile flavor, a perfect complement to many different ingredients. Acai fruit grows on the acai palm tree, which is native to Brazilian rainforests. The fruit has a very short shelf life, which is why you won’t find it fresh in stores. Instead, look for acai fruit puree in the freezer section of some grocery stores or at online retailers. 

Learn About Acai Nutrition

Acai berries contain antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats as well as other nutrients. Acai berry puree packs are a great way to get the benefits of acai nutrition at home by using them to create acai smoothie bowls. 

How to Make an Acai Bowl

There’s a new trend at the breakfast table — serving a smoothie in a bowl. Take your smoothie bowl to the next level and make a homemade acai bowl. This popular to-go option at juice bars and restaurants is easy to make at home, and it gives you the option to add different fillings and toppings to tempt the taste buds for everyone.

The trick to making a great acai bowl recipe is creating the right texture with milk. The consistency should be creamy — blended so that it is thick enough to scoop.

To make an acai bowl, mix an acai puree packet with milk and other ingredients like bananas and blueberries until creamy. Top with your favorite fruits, granola, or nuts and serve. 

How to Make Your Own Acai Smoothie Bowl Recipe with Milk

Try this tasty acai bowl recipe that includes milk, bananas and berries. Top it with fresh berries, coconut flakes and granola for extra crunch.