4 Morning Routine Apps to Fuel Your Day

From the second your alarm sounds, mornings require a bit of military-like precision. Whether your morning routine includes waking up the kids or taking out the dog, every minute counts — and everyone could use a few smart morning hacks to save time. And because our time is precious, saving even a few minutes gives us the chance to embrace life every day.

Nearly 80 percent of people check apps in the morning — from email and weather forecasts to news and social media — according to a survey commissioned by SHOASTA, a technology company.

Here are four morning routine apps to help shave a few minutes from your morning, allowing you to maximize the time – and even, enjoy it along the way:

17-Minute Workout

When the snooze button seems to be a much better plan than hitting the gym, the American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Journal has another remedy. Rather than reschedule time at the gym, start a healthy morning routine by putting yourself through the paces of a high-intensity circuit training workout in just seven minutes. Using your own body weight, a chair and a wall, these 12 exercises offer a complete set of intervals. It’s seven minutes the entire family can tackle together.

 Free, available on iTunes, Android, Windows and Google Play

2. Wunderlist

One of the best ways to hit the ground running in the morning is to create and maintain organized to-do lists. This app allows users to create and share lists — from the “honey do list” to a checklist for work — and gives instant gratification when the task is either created or checked off. When it’s necessary to pick up a gallon of milk at the grocery store so you won’t be without in the AM, Wunderlist sends a notification to all members on the list — and another message when the milk run is complete. 

Free, available on iTunes, Android, Windows and Google Play

3. MapMyFitness

Looking for a quick way to log your morning run and health goals for the day? Add MapMyFitness to your rotation and check out more scenic routes to up your distance or fitness level. The app boasts a community of more than 30 million users who track workouts — so with this app you will track and interact. If you seek variety for your routine morning workout, there are more than 600 different sports and fitness activities to try. Users can monitor their nutrition and calories throughout the day and the app syncs with most wearable fitness tech devices and analyzes performance with an easy-to-use interface.

Free, available on iTunes, Android, Windows and Google Play

4. Overcast

There are more to podcasts than the megahit “Serial.” Change up your morning commute with Overcast, an app that offers podcasts to listen to either on or offline. There are 24 nutrition podcasts available, including The Nutrition Diva’s “Quick and Dirty Nutrition Tips” and “Nutrition Talk” by Tufts University. One reason Overcast stands out from other podcast libraries is their “Smart Speed” feature, which shortens silences in talk shows — saving you listening time.

Free, available on iTunes and Android 

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