The Power of Protein



With the power of milk on your side, what could you accomplish? This day in the life of a young girl named Molly highlights just how amazing life can be with the power of milk on your side. Get ready to see 8 grams of protein like you’ve never seen it before.



One morning, Molly walked into the kitchen and met Milk. Protein never looked so good!

Milk showed Molly how to get the most out of her life, and be her best. With the power of protein on her side, she was ready to take on the world.

Starting her day with milk, helped her achieve whatever life threw her way, even if that included a morning of schoolwork.

They were a great team, even on the basketball court.

With milk now a part of her daily routine, Molly could reach great heights--no matter what hill (or mountain) she might have to climb.