Earth Day, Every Day: A.M. Tips to Save All Year

Want to make sure the morning of Earth Day is extra earth-friendly? Here are four ways to make your morning more energy efficient that you can fit into your morning routine:

1.   Don’t run the tap. Turn off the water when brushing teeth. You’ll save water and lower your utility bill.

2.   Flip a (light) switch. Getting in the habit of turning off unneeded lights, monitors or electrical gadgets can help save energy can help save energy -- a hot commodity, especially during the summer.

3.   Set it and forget it. Auto-set your thermostat to a lower temperature when you aren’t home during the day – and that way you can be energy-efficient (and budget-efficient) without changing it yourself in the morning before you leave.

4.   It’s curtains for you! After you get your dose of morning sunshine, shut the blinds when you leave. It will help keep the air conditioning in during the summer and the heat in during the winter.

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