Give Thanks by Giving Back

This holiday season, gather the gang and do something grand to give back. By committing time to helping others, the kids will gain a new perspective and see how a few good deeds can change a community. Big or small, be inspired to excite your inner angels:

Prepare a meal to share with the homeless:

Make breakfast for a homeless shelter in your community. It’s always rewarding to help out those less fortunate, and the quality time will remind you how much you have to celebrate – this time of year and always! Try some of our make-ahead recipes, here

Visit a Local Nursing Home:

Extend family time past your living room this year, and hang out with some of your wisest neighbors! The seniors at your local nursing home have great stories to tell, and appreciate new and friendly faces.


Don’t wait for spring to start cleaning: encourage your family to go through their clothes and household items and donate to a local shelter or facility that accepts tangible donations. By donating personal items, your family is able to provide something of value in exchange for the monetary donations of others.