Make Your Own Milk Mug

From straw sipping to jug chugging, your kids probably have a certain preference for how they drink their milk. And hey, you probably do, too! So, why not give the kids a fun and creative way to drink their milk in the morning? Like creating their very own, personalized milk mug.

Download and print our Step by Step Instructions for how to make these mugs at home! Here, some tips for making mugs:

  1.  Whether you opt to paint ceramic or draw on porcelain, choose a mug material that’s dishwasher and microwave safe. This will make your life easier (think: cleaning daily), promise.
  2.  To make the experience fun and unique, provide permanent markers in an array of colors – and let your child’s inner artist instinct explode (onto the mug, of course).
  3.  Get into the spirit! Who says the parents can’t enjoy a bit of arts and crafts time, too? Make your own mug- perfect for that morning latte or cappuccino. Drinking out of your personalized mug in the morning might even inspire your child to use their mug, too
  4.  Make it seasonal. Since this project is relatively cheap and easy, turn it into a seasonal sport of sorts, creating new mugs/cups each season. Theme the mugs accordingly, too, using colors and art that works best for that time of the year.
  5.  Make it a bowl. Does your little one prefer to have their milk in a bowl with cereal? No worries! Decorating a bowl, or even the spoon, is a fun alternative to the cup. Or, make both so your kids can switch up their breakfast routines.