Ready, Set, Craft!

Whether your mini-me is a budding artist or would rather just make a mess, crafting is the ultimate in fun for the entire fam. Before mornings become busy with typical back-to-school bustle, use the final days of summer to soak-up some QT with your cuties, right at home. Here are a few simple ways to create memories that last all year long.

  1. Milky Mugs: While you’re out, pick up some inexpensive mugs or bowls in a solid color and let each child decorate and personalize their own dishes. Use our helpful instructions and see what your little Picassos create. 
  2. Mark Your Spot: Make everyone feel special with make-your-own placemats! Simply take two cereal boxes and cut into strips and the other into panels that are still attached. Weave the strips into the panels and voilà, a fun, breakfast-ready placemat. Feel free to glue the ends to make it secure.
  3. ’Stache Straws: As if drinking milk isn’t exciting enough, making fun mustache straws will help liven up the morning! First, let everyone pick out their favorite colored straws and choose a mustache from our printable ‘staches (or create your own!) Second, poke a hole in your stache and slide it on your straw. Last, enjoy you eight ounces with your new favorite breakfast accessory.