The Ultimate Spring Spruce Up

Break free from the blankets. Say see-ya to boots, mittens and scarves.  It’s finally time to open the windows and breathe in a bit of spring.  But before you gallop into the sunshine and bid farewell to months spent hibernating, spruce-up your world to put a spring in your gangs’ steps.

Be a Night Owl:  Since it stays lighter for longer into the evening hours, spend a few minutes before bed each night prepping lunches, packing book bags, and choosing the kids’ clothing. Then, spare yourself a few seconds, too, by playing barista.  Grind your beans and set the timer on your coffee pot, so you can spend more time sipping that warm, steamy latte come sunrise. Just add milk in the morning, voila!

Keep Breakfast on the Brain:  On Sundays, plot a breakfast menu for the week. Each day affords your family the opportunity to try a new breakfast food or savor some favorites. One rule: every one eats the same breakfast together at the table. 

Makeover the Fridge:  Assign shelves and drawers to specific food groups, and pledge to stick with it. This will help you easily track your food quantity and plan outings to the store, so you spend less time running up and down the aisles and more time enjoying eating (and being) as a family!

Spring-ify the Family Car:  Nothing says spring fun like a car wash! First, eat breakfast that includes milk’s high-quality protein to get the brood fueled – then grab a  bucket of water and suds, and get ready to rid the signs of winter from your four wheels. Shelve the ice scraper and winter gear tucked between the kids’ seats to make room for some April musts, including an umbrella and sunglasses!