5 Easy Recipes Your Kids Will Love This Summer

Summer is busy, so a helping of no-cook options, especially those you can make in advance, are welcome. When you shop online for groceries and include fresh, cold milk in your basket, you free up your day so you can make every second of summer count. And when you mix summer favorites with real dairy milk, you serve nutrients your kids need with the flavors they love.

Here are five flavorful recipes that feature fresh milk, so you can “breakfast and chill” with your kids this summer. And next time you shop on Amazon Fresh or Instacart, be sure to add fresh, cold milk to your cart!

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Creamy Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

Drink your vegetables with this great take on your favorite salad that kids love too. The goodness of this green goddess smoothie starts with fresh milk mixed with avocado, spinach, banana and pineapple.

Acai Bowl

You’ll say “ahh” to acai when you blend a batch of this antioxidant-rich Brazilian berry with ice-cold fresh milk and top your bowl with coconut, granola and fresh fruit.

Creamy Vanilla Berry Popsicles Recipe

These creamy vanilla berry popsicles are perfect for breakfast or as a snack. This recipe includes farm-fresh milk and in-season berries, so this homemade option is a more nutritious option than store-bought popsicles, and won’t melt before your grocery delivery arrives. 

Berry Berry Smoothie

There’s a reason not to mess with the classics — everyone loves them! For an easy and delicious summertime smoothie, simply mix ice-cold milk with fresh berries, honey and vanilla. This chilly combination is sure to satisfy even the pickiest palates.


Super Food Smoothie

What makes this smoothie super tasty, super fast and super easy? Fresh ingredients, including cold milk, delivered straight to your doorstep. Blend blueberries and bananas with your pantry staples, including honey and vanilla extract, and you have a tall frosty glass of delicious.