Celebrate Mother’s Day -- Your Way!

The month of May is a celebration of mom power -- especially the great examples they set for their children. All year round, mothers prepare their families for whatever life will throw at them. They also prepare breakfast for their families each morning to ensure productive days. This Mother’s Day, all mothers deserve to be thanked, to receive a reward for their hard work.

But how do you tell your loved ones what you want for Mother’s Day. Do you want a surprise? Do you want something specific for breakfast? Whatever might make your day more special, we can help! Pick the category below that best describes what you want this mother’s day and choose a breakfast recipe that will help you start the day on the right foot.

How to get the message across? We suggest printing out the recipe and leaving a note for your husband or child saying "Hint: this would make my mother’s day divine!"

“On-the-go” mom:

If you’re  heading to the gym or an all-day spa and shopping adventure – or even just a kid’s soccer game, try a breakfast smoothie your family can quickly whip up for you as you hustle out the door. After you enjoy one of these tasty treats, you will be ready to head out the door and start your busy day!

Try: PB&J Smoothie

Tip: The night before, chill the cup you will use in the freezer for an extra cold treat.

“Spoil-me-rotten” mom:

You work hard and you want breakfast in bed. Let your family take over the kitchen for the morning and create these tasty concoctions just for you!

Try: Spinach Mushroom Breakfast Crepes

TipIf your loved ones need a little help spoiling you, leave notes all around the kitchen for your family to know just what you want! For breakfast beginners, hint at your favorite breakfast cereal and milk to help prevent a kitchen disaster.

“Any-free-minute-is-family-time” mom:

You cherish your weekends with your family and mother’s day is no different. This year you want to get the whole family involved and with these tasty recipes you can get everyone in the kitchen helping to make a breakfast feast!

Try: Individual Breakfast Chile Cheese Soufflés

Tip: Give everyone a job so they all feel involved with the process, have the kids beat the eggs!

“Give-me-a-day-off-already” mom:

If your idea of relaxation is to spend some time alone, send your husband and kids out for the day. With them out of the house you can relax, recuperate and maybe even sleep in. Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy a nice quiet breakfast that is focused on you for once.

Try: Whole Grain Raisin Muffins

Tip: Plan activities for the children the night before so your husband can take the kids out all day. Maybe they can help make these muffins for you the night before, and leave them waiting for you after they leave in the morning.