Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli Cooking with Milk Recipes

Embrace the Richness of Cooking with Milk with Authentic Latin Recipes from Chef and “Chopped” Winner Giorgio Rapicavoli

Half Argentinian, half Italian, and 100 percent Miamian, Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli inspires Latinos to Got Milk every day with his can-do attitude. After winning the highly-competitive Food Network show Chopped in January 2012, he opened his first restaurant Eating House in Coral Gables, Florida.

Today, Chef Giorgio is living his dream, expanding his culinary empire – and drinking milk to help keep him strong. He credits his longstanding love of milk to his favorite daily childhood breakfast of cereal (topped with milk, of course) – a tradition he pays tribute to with Eating House’s popular menu item, Captain Crunch Pancakes.

According to Chef Giorgio, Latinos feel that milk is a fountain of strength. “There are so many dishes and desserts in Latin cuisine that use milk as a base because milk has always been a cornerstone in our culture,” he says. “While we have adapted how we use it through generations, it’s an essential ingredient no matter what’s on the menu.”


Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli Cooks with Milk

Try Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli’s Latin-inspired Recipes with Milk:

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