A Healthy Breakfast and a Healthy Weight

If you think skipping breakfast will help you maintain a healthy weight, you might want to think again. In fact, MyPlate recommendations include starting the day with a good breakfast:

Start with breakfast

Eat a breakfast that helps you meet your food group needs. People who skip breakfast often weigh more. Eating a nutrient-dense breakfast may help you lose weight and keep it off.

By choosing a balanced breakfast, you can get off to the right start, and fill in the gaps in food groups likely to be missing in your diet. Milk is a perfect breakfast complement, yet more than 8 out of 10 Americans still fall short of the recommended milk servings each day.

Milk is packed with nine essential nutrients, including eight grams of high-quality protein. Along with building muscle and keeping bones strong, protein at breakfast can help you feel full and satisfied so you won’t feel hungry by mid-morning, which will help people stick to their weight management plan.

Studies show milk drinkers and breakfast eaters have more nutritious diets and tend to be leaner than non-milk drinkers and breakfast skippers. And to cut fat and calories, opt for fat free or low fat milk – they deliver the same nutrient-rich punch for fewer calories and less fat. 

Savory Oatmeal with Soft-Cooked Egg & Bacon

Serve this morning meal with an 8-ounce glass of fat free milk to start right with 25 grams of protein all before noon.