High-Protein Snacks for Kids

Do you need more tips and tricks help you make healthy and simple snacks for your kids? When you want to keep your kids satisfied until dinner, here are some high-protein snack ideas that your kids will love — and request again and again. 

When making nutritious snack packs, consider different options from a variety of food groups, including fruits, vegetableswhole grains, lean protein choices, as well as milk and milk products. A well-balanced snack that is high in protein not only helps fuel your kids to power through their afternoon activities, it also helps kids get the vitamins and minerals their growing bodies need. 

Encourage your kids’ culinary talents and have them help create tasty protein snacks at home. Here are seven fun ideas to get your creative chefs started: 

1. Homemade Ginger Spice Cluster Granola Recipe

10g protein, 190 calories

Serving Size: 1/4 cup Granola and 8 oz Fat Free Milk

Our quick-and-easy granola recipe is a homemade alternative to prepackaged versions that also introduces kids to ginger, a tangy spice common to many Southeast Asian dishes. This granola is a versatile snack — and when you serve it with a glass of milk, it adds a protein kick.

2. Harvest Fruit and Oat Bites Recipe

12g protein, 190 calories

Serving Size: 2 Bites and 8 oz Fat Free Milk

Looking for a simple snack idea the kids can grab after school, or to take on the go? Recreate your favorite tastes of fall no matter the season with apple pie spice and dried fruits mixed with rolled oats, almond butter and nuts with an 8-ounce glass of milk — a perfect protein snack you can make all year round. 

3. Melba Toast with Apple Butter

10g protein, 170 calories

Serving Size: 3 Melba Toast Points, 1 tbsp Apple Butter and 8 oz Fat Free Milk

For a fast snack kids can have when hunger hits, serve up crunchy Melba toast with apple butter. This farmhouse favorite is not butter, but a slow-cooked, caramelized apple sauce. Your kids will love a glass of milk with this tasty high-protein snack.

4. Watermelon with Turkey Slices

21g protein, 180 calories

Serving Size: 1 cup Watermelon, 2 slices Deli Turkey and 8 oz Fat Free Milk

It may seem contradictory, but watermelon pairs well with pinch of salt. Try a new taste with your kids and bring out the sweetness of this fruit by sprinkling a bit of salt on a slice. Add two turkey slices and a glass of milk, and this is a great high-protein snack option when your kids want a bite to eat in the afternoon. 

5. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

12g protein, 230 calories

Serving Size: Half an apple, 1 tbsp Peanut Butter and 8 oz Fat Free Milk

Peanut butter has the perfect pedigree as a snack for the kids. Just spread on apple slices and kids have a fan favorite served in just seconds — perfect for the hungry after-school crowd. 

How Much Protein Do Kids Need?

Kids’ growing bodies need protein foods — because protein impacts many different functions, including:

  • Building lean muscle – Protein supplies the body with the amino acids it needs to build strong muscles. Getting enough protein in the diet, along with exercise, helps build muscle.
  • Keeping you fuller, longer – Getting enough protein at mealtime can help you and your kids feel full and satisfied, which means you may not feel hungry again until your next meal.
  • Maintaining bone health – Along with key bone-building nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, protein also helps build healthy bones.

Check out our protein calculator to find out how much protein you and your kids need every day.