Like Mother, Like Daughter

Mothers have a unique opportunity – and a powerful responsibility – to influence the next generation of women. Whether they know it or not, mothers are powerful role models for their daughters’ health and nutrition. Daughters look at their moms’ own food-related attitudes and behaviors to decide what to put on their plates – and in their glasses – at meal time. Studies also show that a mom influences her daughter’s physical activity, dieting behaviors, body image and self esteem.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: A Research Review of Mom’s Influence as a Health and Nutrition Role Model” looks at the scientific evidence exploring the mother-daughter relationship and the power of leading by example. Children can easily pick up the practices of their parents – good or bad – especially when it comes to eating habits, physical activity, dieting behaviors and body image. But with the appropriate awareness, knowledge and skills, mothers can pass on a new legacy of healthier food, beverage and body relationships and increased physical activity to daughters, granddaughters and all future generations of women.

The “Like Mother, Like Daughter” white paper was created by the Milk Processor Education Program, compiled from more than 50 published scientific studies on role modeling behavior.