What Can You Drink to Stay Hydrated?

What Drinks Quench Thirst and Offer Proper Hydration?

Whether you’re waking up, playing at the park with your family, picking up your kids after sports practice or working out yourself, it’s important everyone stays well hydrated. It’s crucial because fluids help the body's systems work as they should and carry nutrients to your cells. You probably think of drinking water for hydration, and while that's certainly a great way to replenish fluids, it's not the only way.

Did you know that white milk and chocolate milk are great hydrating drinks too? Both are refreshing and delicious, as well naturally nutrient rich with nine essential nutrients in each 8-ounce glass.

Does Milk Hydrate You?

Each serving of milk also contains fluids plus other important nutrients that play a role in proper hydration. Sodium, calcium  and potassium are three nutrients that help restore loss from sweat. Other nutrients in milk, including vitamin D and high-quality protein, are important for overall health.

The best way to rehydrate is to drink adequate fluids. Fluid intake is the essential part of staying hydrated and regulating body temperature. Dehydration can cause a wide range of health problems, and when you’re thirsty, it’s a clear indication that you haven’t had enough fluids — and it’s time to drink more.

A glass of cold, delicious milk is a great choice for proper rehydration. It contains the right mix of nutrients and water your kids need, including:

  • B vitamins (Riboflavin, B-12, pantothenic acid and niacin) for energy
  • Bone-building nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus
  • Vitamin A for a healthy immune system
  • Protein to help build lean muscle

As a parent, you want to provide your kids a well-balanced diet. When you choose milk, you’re picking a wholesome and delicious drink they already love, and you can be sure it also contains the right mix of nutrients — that can answer your question on how to stay hydrated.