Why Serving Milk at Breakfast is Important

Eating Breakfast Every Morning Helps Fuel Active School Days

When school is back in session, moms know all too well how hectic mornings can be. From organizing schedules, finding all the homework assignments and getting to school on time — breakfast time can be rushed. But, serving your kids a quick and easy, nutritious breakfast can help to set your kids’ day up right.

Establishing a breakfast routine — either a sit-down meal or a quick and easy meal that kids can grab and go — helps to shape a better morning. Eating breakfast helps everyone to start the day off right with both energy and focus. And, with 9 essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, adding a glass of low fat or skim milk is an easy way to boost the nutrition of the morning meal. In fact, milk helps to increase your kids’ intake of key nutrients — including calcium and vitamin D — two nutrients of concern most kids are lacking as outlined by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report (see page 2). And there are many compelling reasons why every breakfast —rushed or not — matters:

When time is short, here are five make-ahead, grab-and-go breakfast recipes that serve up a nutritious breakfast for everyone in a hurry on rushed weekday mornings.

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