Watch How Bryce Wettstein Milks It with The Next Olympic Hopeful Participants

We asked epic skateboarder Bryce Wettstein to drop in on The Next Olympic Hopeful at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to check out what it takes to compete in a new sport. The Next Olympic Hopeful participants, 50 top-notch athletes from across the country, were at the USOPTC to compete in athletic skills tests and drills. The goal? Earn a chance to train with one of those National Governing Bodies (including USA Rugby, USA Weightlifting and more) – and potentially earn a spot on Team USA.

Bryce, a member of the U.S. Skateboard team is working hard to represent Team USA when skateboarding makes its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. She got a taste of what it’s like to train as a member of Team USA when she spent the day with some Next Olympic Hopeful athletes. Bryce ran tough drills in different disciplines, met Team USA athletes and even got advice from eight-time U.S. Olympic Medalist Apolo Ohno.

She trades McTwists and tailslides for the cool runnings of bobsledding and what it feels like to catch a rugby ball, and along the way, Bryce stays true to herself - enjoying the ride even when it gets tough.

Milk Presents The Next Olympic Hopeful: Training With The Best!

Pro Skateboarder Bryce Wettstein Knows Milk Fuels Awesome​

Watch Bryce ditch her deck and try different sports at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center. She trains with some amazing Next Olympic Hopeful athletes and swaps her kickflips for some crazy hard moves. 

Milk It presents: Bryce's Headspace

What Makes Bryce, Bryce: Get in Her Headspace

Bryce shows how another world will open up when you think outside the box.

Milk It presents: Bryce-isms

Do You Know Your Bryce-isms?

She needs to get some pizza in her first, but Bryce likes to play hard, have fun and stans her “incredibilized” new Next Olympic Hopeful athlete friends. See how great it is to try something new and just roll with it!

Milk Presents The Next Olympic Hopeful: Milk is the Constant

What Builds U.S. Olympians?

All athletes take different paths on their journey to rep Team USA in Tokyo. But there’s at least one thing most Team USA athletes have in common – 9 out of 10 U.S. Olympians grew up drinking milk[i].

Milk Presents The Next Olympic Hopeful: Milk Fuels Training

Why Real Milk Defines Real Nutrition

Their drive is personal, and the fuel is universal. Check out the impact of good eating habits — from your kids’ first game to champions looking to join Team USA.

Milk Presents The Next Olympic Hopeful: Milk is There When You Need It

Milk Supports Their Journey

Athletes need mentors before embarking on the long road to the world’s ultimate stage. When you champion your kids’ determination, you help them on their own journey to be the best, whatever they do.

Milk Presents The Next Olympic Hopeful: Family Fuels Us

Here’s to Those Who Lift Us Up

Watch how Apolo Ohno and Bryce Wettstein share real talk about the real support from family, friends, coaches and mentors. Because they know that no one becomes a champion alone.

[i] KRC Research conducted an online survey among retired, current, and hopeful U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes on behalf of MilkPEP between February 23 and March 7, 2016. The U.S. Olympic Committee and its National Governing Bodies distributed email invitations with a link to the survey to its retired, current, and hopeful athletes inviting them to participate. In total, across Olympic and Paralympic sports, 1,113 completed the ten-minute survey (675 Olympians, 93 Paralympians and 345 hopefuls in training).