Workout Tips from Team USA Athletes for Your Exercise Plan

Whether you’re training like a U.S. Olympian or just looking for fitness inspiration, Team Milk athletes offer these workout tips.

3 Workout Tips from Team USA Athletes

   1. Start with small steps as part of a workout regimen to reach your goals. Each workout gets you closer to better fitness.

“I can’t just show up and expect amazing results. You have to put in the hours of training, sleep the right amount and take care of your body," Caitlin Leverenz said. “It’s a constant process.”

  2.  Keep a positive attitude and focus on each session.

"I love going to practice and just working hard,” U.S. Olympic swimmer Elizabeth Beisel said. “I just love the feeling of walking away from a good practice and knowing that I did my best and I left it all out there. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, or what’s on the schedule for the next week. Knowing that I’m doing my absolute best in that moment keeps me energized and motivated.”

  3. Consistency is key to reaching a goal.

“Set a goal, stick to the system, be patient and results will come. All successes worth having are worth working for. Don’t give up. If you ever feel frustrated, keep pushing and know your breakthrough is right around the corner,” Team USA rugby player Perry Baker said.

Create an Exercise Plan that Works for You

When you establish an exercise plan, it helps to keep you motivated. The first step to creating your exercise plan is to find activities you enjoy, like running, swimming or yoga. The next step is to set your intentions or goals for the week — this helps you establish a workout routine that becomes part of your day.

Easy Workout Ideas for Busy Lives

Any workout plan you create needs to be flexible. Whether life takes you on the road or you just want to mix it up your routine, have an arsenal of backup ideas to keep your fitness on track.

Instagram: A Creative Way to Discover Fitness Tips

Finding workout tips can be as easy as checking out your favorite Team USA athlete’s Instagram page for inspiration.

Follow our Team Milk athletes to find fitness tips from their workout routines to add to your own: 

Elizabeth Beisel [@ebesiel32]

U.S. Olympic swimmer Elizabeth Beisel likes to add bodyweight moves like box jumps when she’s not training in the pool.

Perry Baker [@pbake11]

Team USA Rugby player Perry Baker is known for his speed on the pitch. To help him reach his top pace, he practices bodyweight exercises in a circuit in short bursts of time.


Caitlin Leverenz [@c.leverenz]

For U.S. Olympian and Olympic medalist in swimming Caitlin Leverenz  likes to add other types of exercise, like cycling, to change up her routine.


Danell Leyva [@danelljleyva]

Upper body strength is key for Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva.  Manna strengthening drills help to develop arm strength and work core muscles. 


Why Athletes Need Protein, Like Milk’s Protein, as Part of Their Diets

Why do we need protein in our diets? From muscles to hair, bones to teeth, the body needs protein to be healthy and strong. In fact, the high-quality protein in milk helps build and maintain lean muscle.

When it comes to fueling their training, Team USA athletes know a healthy diet, filled with nutrients, particularly protein, is of the utmost importance. In fact, 90 percent of Team USA survey respondents rated a healthy diet as an important part of their training – even more important than their workout regimen.1

When it comes to incorporating protein into their diets, 80 percent of Team USA survey respondents said that protein was one of the key factors in their training diet. This includes:

  • Getting enough protein
  • Balancing carbs and protein levels
  • Getting high-quality protein

Learn more about how milk helps give Team USA athletes the energy to unleash their potential.

[1] KRC Research conducted an online survey among retired, current, and hopeful U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes on behalf of MilkPEP via the U.S.Olympic Committee between February 23 and March 7, 2016. The U.S. Olympic Committee and its National Governing Bodies distributed e-mail invitations with a link to the survey to its retired, current, and hopeful athletes inviting them to participate. In total, 1,113 completed the ten-minute survey (675 Olympians, 93 Paralympians, and 345 hopefuls in training).